Mystery Girls of IPL History who became Stars overnight

WRITTEN BY Sumit Kumar

IPL 2022 Mystery Girl

Devika Nair spotted in IPL 2022 opening match of CSK, she is a professional Digital Marketer.

The Viral RCB Girl

The girl who went viral in red outfit in IPL 2019, she was Deepika Ghosh seemed to be a Kohli fan.

SRH Mystery Girl

IPL 2018 a constant supporter of SRH, a mystery girl was later fund to be the co-founder of SRH.

IPL 2020 Mystery Girl

Riana Lalwani was spotted in Dubai IPL 2020 for MI and KXI Punjab match .

IPL 2019 Mystery Girl

During IPL 2019, CSK and MI match Aditi Hundia was spotted who is Ishan Kishan's girlfriend.

IPL 2018 Mystery Girl

Malti Chahar in IPL 2018 was spotted on the stands during the match of CSK and MI in Pune.

IPL 2017 Mystery Girl

Navnita Gautam Royal Challengers Bangalore was a supporter of RCB, he was the massage therapist of RCB.

IPL 2015 Mystery Girl

In Ipl 2015, Rakhi Kapoor- Daughter of Yes bank founder was also a pleasant social media sensation.

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