IPL 2022 : Meet Virat kohli's Biggest Fan

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Virat Biggest Fan

Virat Kohli has made such a mark where his fans and crazy is just unbelievable, one of his fans have 16 tattoos of Virat Kohli.

Who is Virat biggest fan

Pintu Behera is the crazy fan with 16 tattoos of Virat Kohli.

Kohli fan has 16 Virat tattoos

The 16 tattoos include, Virat's face, his records, Coach Rajkumar Sharma and Sachin Tendulkar's picture as well.

When a die-hard fan met his cricketing god

Pintu Behera met Virat for the first time in Vishakhapatnam, Virat seeing so much love for him got emotional and gave him a hug.

Virat's jersey number tattoo

Pintu Behera on his back has also tattooed Virat's jersey number 18. He has also got inked his Arjun award winning moment, U-19 world cup moment of 2008

Pintu Behera cheer's for Virat

This fan is always present in stadiums to watch India's match and cheer's for Virat

Pintu fan Following

He also has a good 71k+ fan following on instagram

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