Russia-Ukraine War Pictures that moved them most

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Russia-Ukraine War

Russia has planned to strike Ukraine, Vladimir Putin has ordered to enter Ukraine in his interview on TV today morning.

No intention of occupying Ukraine

President Putin has planned to capture the Ukrainian territory, Russia appealed to Ukraine to surrender their weapons. Russia is all set to enter Ukraine through Crimea.

Russia attacks on Ukraine military bases

Russia has bombarded the Military Base which includes Kyiv and other 11 cities

Ukraine imposed martial law

Ukraine govt has decided to practice Martial law. He has appealed to the citizens of Ukraine resising in those areas to stay Calm and safe wherever they are.

Twitter - AFP News Agency

What did US President Joe Biden say?

American President Joe Biden has stated that all the damage and casualties that will happen due to this conflict will be the sole responsibility of Russia

UN security emergency meeting

After this uncertain situation, the govt has called upon The National security forces meet

Indian Embassy's advisory for Indians

Indian Embassy has declared a regulatory advisory for the Indian citizens to cooperate and stay calm and safe wherever they are.

Air India flight back to Delhi

Air India flight (AI1947) was returned back to India due to NOTAM (Notice to Air Mission)

Indian government on Ukraine-Russia War

India is still analysing the situation among the two nations, the International ministries are looking into the situation 24*7

Smoke billowing from Ukraine military Airport

According to AFP, Russia Plans to destroy the Air base and force bases of Ukraine

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