Virat Kohli Workout Routine & Diet Plan

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Virat fitness Secrets

Virat works out 5 days a week in the gym and takes 2 days off. He starts by warming up which includes running, sprinting and a couple of cardio exercises.

Fitness Icon Virat

Virat Kohli and his chiseled up body prefers low carbs, good fat, high intensity cardio and lots of practice. His routine works out as per his diet and workout.

Virat Fitness Tips

Here are some fitness tips to note from Virat's fitness regime.


To go for a good shape, running should be the priority, it also helps reducing weight.

One hand Push Ups

One hand Push Ups helps strengthen the shoulders, chest and arms.


Add swimming to your routine, with 30 min of breaststroke, 367 calories are worked up.

Heavy Weight Lifting

Kohli often is seen lifting heavy weight on social media, it's basically to muscle up and tone up the body.

Virat Diet Plan

Planning diet is important, if you are an athlete, Virat has it all planned out.


For breakfast Virat takes Protein shake, soya, fruits, dry fruits and one cup of green tea.


Virat prefers a glute free lunch , he keeps away from oily and fried food. He prefers mashed potatoes and green veggies


For Dinner he prefers boiled green vegetables.

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