Indian eSports scenario is growing at a rapid pace in recent years. Few years back, the World had already prioritised eSports more than the movies and other entertainment mediums combined. Indian was still on its budding stage in the scene of digital gaming. People only used to play for fun. But with the emergence of PUBG and Reentering as BGMI the scene is turning. Now Indian eSports is growing way faster and is on verge of becoming the fastest growing and grossing eSports Nation. According to YouTube statistics India has reached 265 million monthly active users in India. ‒ that's approximately 16% of the total population who are regularly accessing Youtube. The Live streaming of these games have opened the door for new career options for great E-Games players. Apart from taking part in major tournaments and competitions, eSports players can now practise and earn at the same time by going live on Youtube. The top players like Scout, Mavi, Mortal (Game Name) have a huge fan base, the most dominant are the teenagers, college students and adults who have easy access to mobile phones and an Internet connection. So BGMI, Counter Strike, Free Fire are not just games, but have opened the door for INdian Players in the growing world of esports. Similar to Cricket, Hockey and any other game, eSports also require skills practise and fitness.
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