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Publish Date: 07 Dec, 2021 |

Beauty Hacks:

There are many types of people living in the world. Everyone's skin and color complexion is also different. Usually people describe fair skinned people as beautiful. That's why dark-skinned people underestimate themselves. But if you look through the eyes of a beauty expert, then you will see this notion as completely wrong. In fact, a huge role in beauty is played by the human face. Apart from his skin quality. If you take proper care of your skin, then even dark skin will look very attractive. Know here about those easy beauty hacks that can make your makeup perfect. Today in this video we are going to tell you 5 such beauty hacks and tricks trending in the year 2021 that will help you to show glow naturally.


Hide pigmentation like this

Many times the stubborn spots don't go from the face. Whereas many times it happens that now they do make-up but it gets removed. If it happens to you that for some reason your foundation is removed, then immediately apply shaving cream on the stained area. This will hide the stain easily. However, before adopting it, please consult a doctor or an expert once.


Use old mascara like this

Many times expensive beauty products are not able to be used because they dry up. Eyeliner and mascara are one of them. But we are telling you about some very powerful beauty hacks for 2021. To reuse your old and dried up mascara, add a few drops of lens solution to it and mix it well. Now you can use your favorite mascara at least 3 times a month. And if you don't want to do this you can simply put your mascara into a lukewarm water for some time. For at least 5 min, after this you can use your mascara. 


Makeup Remover

Wipes are easier than removers to remove makeup. Keep them by the bed before sleeping. Whenever you apply makeup on your face, do not forget to remove makeup before sleeping. 


How to increase hair growth

If you have a problem with light hair, then for this, apply eyeshadow matching the color of the hair on your scalp and hairline. This will not have much effect even if the parting is removed and you will get the illusion that there is volume in the hair.


Nail Paint Drying Trick

Nail polish is easy to apply but drying it is very troublesome. After applying nail polish, if you want it to dry quickly, then after applying a coat of nail polish, dip your hands in cold water for 2 to 3 minutes. This will dry the nail polish quickly.


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