4 Exercises To Fix Your Posture At Home | How To Correct Your Posture | Rashmi Rai

Publish Date: 27 Nov, 2022 |

A flexible, robust, and balanced body is reflected in one's posture. Rashmi Rai, a fitness coach, explains in this video how you may improve your posture at home by performing a few easy exercises. These four basic workouts can help your body stay healthy in the future. They are both easy to do and incredibly effective. Watch the complete video now to learn more about these exercises for improving your body posture.

4 Exercises To Fix Your Posture At Home

Chest Opener

They are excellent for allowing flexibility and air around your heart, as well as for opening up the muscles in your chest to correct forward hunching posture.

Arm swings

Arm swings are a fantastic dynamic stretching exercise that work the muscles in the upper body. Your shoulder joint is also stabilised and flexed.

Static Hold

Stabilizing the joints throughout the body is easier by concentrating on static poses. They also aid in laying the foundations for stronger, faster motions.

Press holds

Exercises that require you to hold your body in a stiff position, such as push-ups, deadlifts, and similar activities, are also excellent ways of maintaining posture since they focus stability.


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