Korean Dramas with their soaring popularity have been evolving dramatically in the international market. In their coming age era the K-dramas are credited with breaking several stereotypes, most of them starting from their homeland only. Ever since the K-culture or the Hallyu wave whether in terms of K-beauty, K-drama or K-pop has flipped the entertainment industry and west dominance upside down, there is no doubt that audiences are standing on a ‘Dil Maange more’ pitch. K-dramas initially gained popularity as it was made primarily for a family to sit down together and watch,it also targeted teens with soft plotlines involving minimum to no nudity. But, with the widespread presence of K-dramas among the international fans and mature audience, bold scenes are inevitable. 

Korean Dramas for Mature audience 

Bold, explicit, sexual or even gore themes in Korean dramas are generally considered unhealthy and inappropriate in South Korea. In Fact exploring sexual themes through digitally consumed contents is still a taboo in most of the Asian countries. But, these days makers can be seen pushing out content in a very approachable and audience pleasing manner, fetching audiences from around the world. Below listed are 5 K-dramas which you can watch if you are bored of the typical plots.

My Name

Han So Hee starrer My Name remained one of the most popular Netflix shows of 2021 coming from a rookie actress. The revenge plotline of the show in the mafia world, intrigued the audience to the core. Although the drama is focused mainly on Jiwoo uncovering the murder of her father by receiving training from the leading mafia gang, there is a separate fan base for the sex scene between Jiwoo and Pildo at the ending sequence of the story. The ending of the show simultaneously shocked the audience, keeping the show happening till the very end.


Song Kang has established himself as the chocolate boy of the K-industry. First with Love Alarm and then Nevertheless Song Kang’s magic has made him one of the finest and boldest heartthrob of the industry. In K-drama Nevertheless his character was a walking red flag, being a lead role this is something very unacceptable in K-drama in its mainland, however the friends with benefits concepts was widely loved and welcomed among the west and international audience, sending fans into a tizzy.

Hit The spot

The initially established universal standard of K-dramas prohibiting any sexual content and the common witnessed sweet peck have begun to shift. the 2022 K-drama Hit the Spot defies every restriction on full-frontal nudity, sex scenes, intimate conversation, and romantic relationships. The protagonists of the Korean drama "Hit the Spot" Son Hee-jae rediscovers her sexual orientation while helping to broadcast a romance podcast.

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The Glory

Song Hye Kyo comeback despite exploring Gore, a mature, sexually explicit topic made her register her name in the Baeksang art award as the leading actress. The show revolving around the revenge plot was widely hailed as a masterpiece. Even the romantic plotline of the leads were limited, it was the other key characters who made the most noise. Whether Yeojin cheating her husband with Jae Jun or other high school bullies messing around with each other, The Glory is a must watch for all the mature audience not just for the bold scenes but also for the fascinating story


If you are the one surprised and shocked to see the intimate scene between  Eve ‒ Lee Rael and her husband in the very first episode of the show, then welcome to the era of K-drama breaking taboo. While the scene seemed a little too abrupt,  it demonstrates Rael's penchant for living life on the edge and suggests that she is determined to carry out her revenge plan.