5 Styling Tips For Thick Thighs | Baani Bathla

Publish Date: 14 Sep, 2022 |

It should go without saying that finding the perfect pair of jeans for large thighs can be very challenging. The most likely situation for you to encounter is denim bizarro world, too small and they won't cover your legs,too large and you'll have a gap at the waist.The best pants for those with thick thighs are presented in this video by Baani Bathla, who also discusses the best fashion tips for those with thick thighs.  watch the complete video! 

 Styling Tips For Thick Thighs

Straight fit jeans: Avoid wearing skin fit pants or jeans, Jeans with a straight leg are quite attractive on body types with thick thighs. These jeans are cut to wrap around the hips and then drop straight down, brushing the contours of the body.

Jogger style jeans:Try to select pants that are wide at the waist and slightly taper down at the ankles for a lovely balance. Joggers and pleated pants are the best examples of this.

Boyfriend jeans: They are ideal for curvaceous bodies. You can select styles that fit the form or those that are looser-fitting. They aid in better shaping the legs because they frequently have straight, slightly slender legs.

Pencil skirt: Additionally, a pencil skirt can work wonders for your legs and thighs if the hem is the right width and length. Even though skirt lengths might vary, a-lines are generally figure-flattering,


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