5 Time-management Tips That Will Make Your Motherhood Easy | Nidhi | HerZindagi

Publish Date: 19 Dec, 2022 |

It could be demanding to take care of your child's requirements while handling all the other work at once. Nidhi, a mom influencer, will outline the top 5 strategies to make parenthood simple for you in order to assist you. These mothering advices are quite basic and straightforward. Watch the complete video right now to learn more about these.

5 Time-management Tips That Will Make Your Motherhood Easy

  • Wake up early- Try to wake up early and make your whole day schedule, this will make you sorted about the things you need to take care of.

  • Get rid of notifications- Putting your phone on a do not disturb mode often helps while you are busy prioritizing your work.

  • Groceries shopping once a week- Make a list or sort your grocery which includes your weekly food chart according to you and your family.

  • Food preparation- For the pre preparations decide beforehand what you want to cook to avoid last minute chaos.

  • Lay out clothes the night before- Morning is often busy and chaotic and thus we often miss out important things to carry, preparing yourself a night before always helps.


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