6 Tips On How To Get Your Kids To Listen To You Without Yelling | HerZindagi | Nidhi Chopra

Publish Date: 20 Dec, 2022 |

As a parent, we all know how important it is to make your kids obey you. But what if, they don’t listen to you the way you expect from them? To help you out in this, Mom Influencer Nidhi Chopra will be explaining the top 6 tips on how to get your kids to listen to you. To know more about these, watch the full video now.

Tips On How To Get Your Kids To Listen To You Without Yelling

  • No lectures- There is no point in debating or lecturing your kid, it’s better to come on point directly that will make a direct impact without diverging the topic.

  • State your expectations- Without anticipating, believe in stating your expectations, what exactly you want your kids to do next after completing the first task.

  • Name their feelings- Instead of asking them to stop crying or irritating it’s better to make them understand it’s good to express their feelings but that shouldn’t go overboard.

  • Offer options- If you are willing to get them to do anything let’s just try and give them options, that would make them feel someone with power who can decide. 

  • Plain explain- There is no point in shouting when they do something bad, just try to keep it simple and explain the consequences.


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