7 bizarre yet interesting ‘First Period’ celebration ritual across the world : Women’s day

Publish Date: 08 Mar, 2023
7 bizarre yet interesting ‘First Period’ celebration ritual across the world : Women’s day

WomensDaySpecial: In the world with millions of cultural bifurcations and uncountable religious rituals and traditions, Won’t it be interesting to know how some common celebrations are attached with different rituals from every corner of the globe. Today will be talking about the menstrual cycle, the topic which still is a Taboo to talk about in many parts while for some it's no less than a big celebration. This Women’s day we will be talking about 7 bizarre yet interesting Period rituals induced by the societies either to conceal or to celebrate the time when a girl turns women. 

7 ‘First Period’ celebration ritual across the world

Quinceañera in Latin America

Mostly celebrated in Latin America dominantly in Spain and Mexico, without referring to the ‘First period’. Quinceañera is a big party thrown for the girl when she turns 15. This day calls for a grand celebration.This birthday stands out from the rest since it marks the transition from childhood to the early stages of womanhood. Traditionally, a girl's father would present her to potential suitors during the event. However in modern times, fathers just accompany their little princess to the celebration and ask for the first dance. Older women in girls' communities used to teach them childbirth, weaving, and cooking to get them ready for becoming wives.

Celebration in South India

The First period or the start of the Menstruation cycle in girls in South India is a grand celebration and can be as grand as a marriage. Usually the start of menarche is considered as one of the most important aspects of a girl’s life. On this day the girl is asked to live in a separate room where people visit her and buy her gifts. The ceremonial bath wraps up her last day of menstruation following which she is asked to wear new clothes and a grih pravesh ceremony is done.

Intercourse a big no in Indonesia

In Indonesia intercourse while menstruating is forbidden, it is believed that Menstrual blood is toxic and having sex during that time can induce sexually transmitted diseases. In many religions as well like Islam and Judaism, even physical touch is considered bad and is forbidden.

Filipino superstition for first period

The Philippines has quite a bizarre way to celebrate the first period. A mother in the Philippines would wash a girl's blood filled underwear in plain water after her first period. Then, in the long-held conviction that doing so would shield her daughter from developing pimples, she would smear it on her face. Also, the daughter is expected to jump three steps from the staircase, which represents the number of days she will have her menstruation.

Goat Slaughtering in South Africa

An ethnic tribe in South Africa called the Zulu has a special way of celebrating the girl who is starting her menstruation. When a girl has her first period, she is asked to wrap a blanket around her head and then she has to finds a place to hide herself until dusk.Following which a goat is slaughtered, and she is aked to live separately. The next morning, after taking a shower, she is given a lession about femininity from other local women.

It's a breaking news in Brazil

Brazil too has a unique way of celebrating the first day of the period. The news comes no less than breaking news for all the family members and even for the relatives. Who one by one comes and congratulates the girl in her room. It is more than a ritual and feels good to hear that even men feel happy and celebrate the occasion.

Croatia clinks the wine glass

Forget living in separate rooms and licking honey for a sweet menstruation start, the Croatian culture is all about clinking the glass of Red Wine when women hit their first period. It's even more interesting to know that the ritual is carried out by the older members of the house.

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