9/11 Attack Anniversary: When America was shaken by the attacks of Al-Qaeda- Watch Video

Publish Date: 11 Sep, 2022 |

9/11 Attack: September 11, 2001, the dark day in American history on which the biggest terrorist attack took place. Thousands of people died. Several thousand were injured. The bodies of many were not even found. There was an economic loss which was different. Had there been any other country in place of America, then perhaps it would not have recovered from this attack, but America is not called such a superpower of the world, the perpetrators of this attack are either killed or rotten in jail after searching for them. 

Hijacking of four Planes

Al Qaeda carried out this attack. Which was composed by Osama bin Laden sitting in Afghanistan. For this attack, al-Qaeda had made such a strategy, which no one could even imagine. Al Qaeda did not use any bombs, bullets or gunpowder in it. He hijacked 4 planes from America itself and then by crashing it, he carried out the attack. For this 19 terrorists were prepared. In which 15 were from Saudi Arabia, two from UAE and one each from Egypt and Lebanon.

How many People Died in 9/11 Attack? 

The official data of those who died in this attack is of 2977 people. In which 246 passengers and crew were involved in the four planes. None of these were left. At the same time, 2606 people died due to the collapse of the Twin Towers. The attack on the Pentagon killed 125 people.


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