9 Easy Exercises For Lower Back Pain Relief, Watch Video

Publish Date: 04 Mar, 2022 |

Pain in the lower back can often hinder daily activities and is sometimes unbearable too. Prolonged sitting during work from home, less exercise or lying on your back for hours can also contribute to lower back pain. So to help the individuals to ease the pain Yoga Expert, Meenal Pathak shares everyday exercises which will help you relieve your lower back pain effectively.

Causes of lower back Pain

Here are some common causes of lower back pain- 

  • Improper postures

  • Prolonged sitting during WFH

  • Less exercise

  • Improper position while sleeping ect

Easy Exercises to ease Lower Back Pain 

Here are some easy exercises which will help relieve lower back pain. These exercises can be performed in a 15 mins circuit and later the timing can be stretched according to the endurance. 

Side Hip Stretch 

  • Releases tension in the hips

  • 10-15 Reps

  • 2-3 Sets

  • Repeat on Both Legs

90/90 Stretch

  • Increase Joint Mobility

  • 10-15 Reps

  • 2-3 Sets

Hip Flexor Stretch

  • Relieves Low Back Pain

  • Repeat on Both sides

Scorpion Leg Stretch

  • Targets hip flexors, lower back and butt

  • 10-15 Reps

Single Leg Stretch

  • Strengthen abdominal & glute muscles

  • Hold for 15-20 Secs

Both Leg Stretch

  • Hold for 15-20 secs

Spinal Twist

  • Improves flexibility of the Spine

  • 10-15 Reps

Sphinx Pose

  • Stretches chest, Lungs, shoulders and abdomen

  • 15-20 Reps

  • 3 Sets

Upward-Facing Dog

  • Strengthens abdominal and Back muscles

  • Hold for 15-20 Secs



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