A 7km long tunnel connecting Delhi Legislative Assembly to Red Fort discovered, believed to be used by Britishers

Publish Date: 04 Sep, 2021 |

Delhi Legislative Assembly Tunnel:

Recently, a 7 km long tunnel from Delhi Assembly to Red Fort has been found which is believed to be used by the Britishers. The length of this tunnel found in the Delhi Assembly is believed to be about seven kilometers, which connects the Delhi Vidhan Sabha to the Red Fort. While evidence in history state that the present Delhi Legislative Assembly building was used by the Britishers as a court during the last days of the freedom struggle which is believed to be from 1926-27 to 1947 before independence.

Delhi Assembly Speaker Ram Niwas Goel said on Friday that the assembly will open the British-era tunnel and hanging house for the common people next year. Goyal said the tunnel was discovered "a long time ago" under the Delhi Assembly. He said that both the tunnel and the hanging house are built according to the architecture of the British period.

Goel said, 'We will open the hanging house and tunnel of British-era revolutionaries to the general public by 26th January next year or maximum by 15th August.' Goyal said, 'When the Delhi Assembly is not in session, then People will be allowed to visit both these places. The tunnel was discovered in 2016. He said the historical significance of the tunnel is yet to be established, but it is speculated that the tunnel connects the Legislative Assembly with the Red Fort.

“We are not going to renovate the tunnel or dig it further because that will not be possible,” Goyal said. The reason for this is that many construction activities like Delhi metro would have blocked its way. We will keep it that way. He said that the work on the renovation project of the hanging house has already started.

"Tenders have been invited and PWD will start its work soon," Goyal said. The design on which the hanging house will be renovated has also been ready.' The assembly building was ready in the year 1911. In 1912, when the capital of the country was shifted from Kolkata to Delhi, this building was used as the Central Legislative Assembly.

There is a distance of 5-6 kilometers between Delhi Vidhan Sabha and Red Fort. The Red Fort was built by the Mughal emperor Shah Jahan in the 17th century.


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