A rise in cases of Dengue Viral fever in Firozabad, UP cause havoc, claims life of 30 children and 40 adults in past 10 days

Publish Date: 01 Sep, 2021 |

Dengue Viral Fever in Firozabad:

Amidst the Covid-19 havoc in India, Dengue and viral fever are spreading speedily in Uttar Pradesh and other neighboring regions. The diseases of Dengue and viral fever have claimed the lives of around 30 children and 40 adults in the past 10 days, in Uttar Pradesh’s Firozabad.

Considering these causalities, CM Yogi Adityanath went on for supervision, where he met the children in the hospital and their families. Considering the rising cases of Dengue viral fever in Firozabad, CM Yogi said that preventive measures and measures for a speedy recovery of the ones infected will be taken. 

Reason for increasing Dengue Viral fever in Firozabad:

It must be noted that the waterlogging caused by heavy rainfall in Firozabad, Mathura, and other regions of Uttar Pradesh has been a catalyst in increasing cases of Dengue, viral fever, and Diarrohea.

Cure and Preventive measures for Dengue viral fever in UP:

Special wards have been made in hospitals for patients of Dengue Viral fever in Firozabad, while people are being educated to keep their surroundings clean and consult a doctor immediately on catching the fever.

Moreover, all the schools for Classes 1 to 8th  in the state have been ordered to remain closed until 6th September.



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