Power of Face Yoga Season 3 Ep 4: Why Ice Globes are best skincare tools for Anti-aging Facial Massages

Ayushee JoshiPublish Date: 16 Apr, 2023

The use of ice globes is a cutting-edge and revitalizing beauty technique that can aid with circulation, skin tightening, and the reduction of puffiness. 

Ice Globes for Face Massage

Ice globes are the modern equivalent of the traditional ice cube method that has taken over supermarket shelves all over the world. In fact, the key to celebrities’ immaculate complexion also involves ice globes. Experts say that ice globes are one of the most well-liked and newly developed beauty tools. They have one spherical end that is intended to be frozen and when used, they produce a cold feeling on the skin. 

Benefits of Ice Globes

Ice globes encourage lymphatic drainage and increase skin suppleness as ice cubes do, but they are much less messy. Think of ice globes as the equivalent of facial dumbbells—tools that enhance the effectiveness of the workout. It is more effective than a cooling treatment at evening out skin tone, minimizing pores, easing migraine and sinus problems, reduce puffiness. Ice globes help to smooth out wrinkles, make the skin look more radiant, and lift and illuminate the face naturally.

In this video, we will talk about the advantages of using ice globes to massage your face to prevent facial aging. You will also get to know how to do facial massage using ice globes step-by-step, which will help you relax and de-stress, fight the effects of aging, and reduce inflammation. 

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