A unique car made from scrap in Indore. Would not have seen such art

Publish Date: 01 Apr, 2022 |

You have hardly seen such a car, in Indore, Madhya Pradesh, a person named Sundar Gurjar has made a great ambassador car from about 1000 kg of scrap. This is the reason that people are coming from far and wide to see this car. It took three months to make this car and three lakh rupees have also been spent.

The original body of the vehicle has been cut with a cutter and the nuts have been fitted. Sundar, who gave this look to this car, says that Ambassador cars were once considered the pride of India, its production has stopped, which is why Sundar has preserved it and given it this form.

Sunder Gurjar said that Rs 3 lakh was spent in revamping it with 700 kg of nuts and metal scrap. He didn't make it for commercial purposes. He did this experiment to save the Ambassador car whose production has now stopped. It took them only three months to prepare it.

At that time, after his video went viral, Anand Mahindra had praised the man. In fact, Anand Mahindra had tweeted a video from his official Twitter handle and the shared video shows a man Dattatreya Lohar from Devrashtre village in Maharashtra. 

In that video, he was seen driving a jeep made of iron scrap and his son was also seen sitting next to him. In that video, the blacksmith talked about the car and how his car works.


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