Aamir Khan Bollywood Extreme Body Transformations, The Journey of Gaining and loosing 27 Kgs for Dangal.

Divya BhatiPublish Date: 28 Apr, 2022

Aamir Khan is said to be the Mr. Perfectionist of Bollywood. The actor never stops until he gets the perfect shot, perfect film and perfect character makeover. From PK to Dangal he has shown a tremendous body transformation. In PK he was all lean and like skinny, and on the other hand for Dangal he showed two phase one of obese and one of a fit athelet. He impressed the audience with not just his performances but also their sheer dedication.

So let's look into how Aamir managed his two characters of Dangal and showed 2 big body transformations for the same film. 

Aamir Khan Dangal Weight Gain

For the role of elder father rof Geeta Babita, Aamir ate a lot of fat and carbs rich food to put on weight and stomach of a 50+ man. He ate a lot of chocolates, burgers, samosa ice creams etc. He went from 70 Kgs to 97 Kgs and showed a big transformation by gaining 27 Kgs in just a few months for the film. 

Aamir Khan Dangal Fit Body

On the contrary, for his role of the fit wrestler, Aamir shifted to a calorie deficient diet for which he followed a strict diet plan and dedicated workout Routine.

  • Aamir increased his physical activities up to 6 hours to gain muscles and lose fat. 

  • For weight Loss he opted for sports like cycling, trekking and tennis. 

  • He also took 10-12 hours of sleep to maintain the balance and give body time to rest and recover. 

And yes his hard work paid off. He managed to show an extreme weight transformation and aced his performance too. 

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