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Decorate the newly married couple's room. It is the season of weddings and there is a lot of excitement in people's homes. Rooms are being prepared for newly wed couples. They are being decorated. Today our story is about the room of newly married couples. We are going to talk about the vaastu for the newly married couple's room. The happiness of married life is decided by the small things related to the room's Vastu. Today we are telling you what are the important things to keep in mind while preparing the room of the newly married couple. 


Bedroom Direction

According to Vastu, it is believed that the room of the newly married couple should be in the south-west or north-west direction. It is believed that in this direction, the relationship between the two bedrooms is cordial and both can understand each other better. According to Vastu, this direction is considered the place of love and romance. Because of this, the contribution of this direction also increases in making your married life happy.


There should be light in the room

According to Vastu, lighting in the room of a newly married couple also has a special significance. Always place the light in such a way that its beam does not come directly on the bed. It is believed that having beams disturbs your sleep and due to this your health remains bad. The windows should be in such a way that no outside light enters the room through them. It is believed that due to this, there is a hindrance in the coming closer of the two. If this is the case in your room and you cannot remove it then you should put curtains on the window.


Office Work In Bedroom

At this time, work from home is going on for many people. In such a situation the newlywed couple should not sit in their room and do office work. This is not at all good for your married life. It is believed that due to this, the happiness and peace of your married life is disturbed. It is believed that negative energy emanating from gadgets can ruin your mood in the bedroom.


Sleeping Direction

Sleeping direction is very important for newly married people. While sleeping, your head should be towards the south and feet should be towards north. In this direction you get a sweet sleep and you wake up in the morning with a fresh mood. This lovely mood of yours makes your married life even more pleasant.


Room Paint Color

Vastu says that the color of paint should not be dull in the room of a newly married couple. Do not forget to use grey, brown, black or cream colors in the bedroom. Instead of these, it is very good if there is pink, yellow, blue or orange color in the room. Due to dullness in the room, your married life also starts fading.


Flowers and lamps in the room

Flowers and lamps are very important in the newly married couple's room. Fresh flowers can fill colors of happiness in your life and their sweet fragrance can make your mood for romance all the more special. Never forget to use fake flowers in your room. Instead of them you can also put fresh flowers in the room. At the same time, it is also considered good to have green and blue light lamps in the room. These colors create attraction in your life.


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