Accu Nose Point pose, Face Yoga for beautiful smile and slim nose

Publish Date: 04 Aug, 2022 |

Accu Nose Point pose, Face Yoga: People are now choosing facial yoga over pricey cosmetic treatments, and the reason is clear. Cosmetics might not be the best solution to keep our skin appearing healthy and radiant for a very long time. The muscles in your face can be exercised to improve tone and slimness, just like any other fitness plan.

Accu Nose Point pose Yoga benefits

Reduces Nasal Allergy: Take your finger tips and smoothly massage over both the sides of Nose at the tip near eyes as shown in the video it helps slimming down the nose. Repeat the process at the bottom and middle of the nose as well.

Relieves nasal congestion: There are certain reasons for nasal congestion that aren't connected to underlying illnesses. Anatomical variance, having something trapped in the nose, and dried mucus are a few examples.


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