Acne in Men: Causes and Treatment. Watch Video

Publish Date: 29 Jul, 2021 |

Acne has been a part of our lives since teenagers. It can sometimes persist a lot longer. Even mature guys can have it. However, even severe acne can be treated decades after you graduated from high school.

Causes of Acne in Men

Changes in hormone levels cause acne in the majority of people. These hormones cause the production of oils, which can clog pores and allow bacteria to proliferate. Both of these issues lead to breakouts.

Men whose fathers suffered from severe acne are more likely to suffer from it themselves. Lithium, which is used to treat bipolar disorder, and corticosteroids like prednisone can both cause acne.

Acne is associated with hormonal fluctuations. It occurs when hair follicles under the skin become clogged. Acne affects men's faces and backs frequently. Sweating can exacerbate the problem. Back breakouts are common in hot temperatures or after strenuous exercise. They're more difficult to regulate than the ones you put on your face. However, fewer people will see your back.

Treatment for Acne

Do not touch the pimples or acne

First and foremost, do not touch your face if you have severe acne problems. Germs from your hands when coming in contact with acne can increase the infection several times more. Practice not touching your face often. The acne might itch or irritate, but scratching it will only make it worse.

Use an oil-control face wash that has salicylic acid

The second most important step to control acne is to wash the face very often with a light face wash that has around 2 per cent salicylic acid. Using harsh face wash might increase the spread of acne or pimple. Face wash with salicylic acid also exfoliated the skin gently.

Avoid oily and junk food

To avoid acne, one must control his desire to consume oily foods, junk foods, chocolates or extreme sweet foods. Oily foods sometimes increase the production of oil from the oil glands that in turn causes acne by choking the sweat glands. Consuming a limited amount of sweets and oily food will keep in check the amount of oil produced.

Use gel-based moisturizer

TV commercials might fool you by showing how by applying a single product the acne disappear magically. But in real life, that is not the case. Treating acne is a long process that requires a balance in the diet as well as selective use of cosmetics. Oil-based products are strictly forbidden for acne-prone skin. A light gel-based moisturizer can be used in place of oil-based lotions. This will ensure that the skin remains hydrated and at the same time oil-free.

Always consult a dermatologist

If you notice that your acne is not reducing but increasing day by day, it is important to consult a dermatologist. The doctor will prescribe medicines and formulate a diet chart that will help in decreasing oil formation.

Laser and micro-needling treatments for acne scars

Sometimes, acne leaves behind scars that can remain lifelong on your face. To remove those scars and treating the pores, several modern scientific techniques have been discovered. Laser and micro-needling treatments done by professionals can reduce acne marks.


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