Affordable Makeup Product Review Ep 02: Insight Cosmetics Liner Express For ₹155

Divya BhatiPublish Date: 31 May, 2022

Affordable Makeup Product Review is a guide to all the makeup beginners who are wondering which product they should purchase and which ones to not. Our anchor, Simran Bharti reviews affordable and trendy makeup products, weighs the pros and cons and shares with you whether it's a Hit or a Miss when it comes to purchasing it. 

In this episode, Simran reviews the Insight Cosmetics Liner Express Pen Liner that promises to stay on for 12 hours, is smudge-proof and also waterproof, and gives her final verdict in the end.

INSIGHT Cosmetics Liner Express Eye Pen

According to the Product description by company ‘INSIGHT shiny waterproof eyeliner goes on smoothly and dries down to a glossy, long lasting finish. Easily peels off, therefore you wouldn't need a makeup remover to do the job. Moving on the applicator, this fine tip, long brush allows easy and controlled application and is super easy to work with. It features a 30 seconds quick drying, smudge proof and waterproof formula that stays put for upto 24 hours.’

Where to Buy INSIGHT Cosmetics Liner Express Eye Pen?

You can purchase INSIGHT Cosmetics Liner Express Eye Pen from cosmetics stores. You can also purchase online from Amazon, Flipkart, Nykaa and other online retail sites. 

Price of INSIGHT Cosmetics Liner Express Eye Pen

1.5g INSIGHT Cosmetics Liner Express Eye Pen costs ₹155.00 and comes in different shades of colours including Black and Blue. 

Watch the Video for Product review. 


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