Afghanistan Bomb Blast: Explosion after Friday prayers in Kabul, 50 killed

Publish Date: 30 Apr, 2022 |

Another explosion occurred on Friday in Afghanistan, which is standing in the midst of troubles. This is the third bomb blast in the country in the last two weeks. More than 50 people are reported to have died in the blast in the country's capital Kabul on Friday. It is being told that this blast took place in the mosque during Friday prayers. In a statement issued by the Afghan Interior Ministry, it has been said that the blast took place at the Khalifa Sahib Mosque in Kabul in the afternoon.

Suicide bomber carried out the blast

The cleric of the mosque, which was the victim of the blast, told news agency Reuters that he believed it to be a suicide attack. The attacker joined the people at the time of Namaz, after which he carried out the entire incident. At the same time, he said that this attack took place when people had gathered in the Sunni Masjid for namaz after prayers.

In contrast to the recent attacks in Afghanistan, the Taliban say the security situation in the country has increased since they took power. To a large extent, he has done the work of cutting the roots of Islamic State in the country. But international officials and analysts say the threat of a resumption of insurgency remains.

Increase in incidents of blasts

It is worth noting that there has been an increase in the incidents of blasts in Afghanistan in the last few years. Meanwhile, a large number of people have died, about nine people were killed and 13 others were injured in an explosion at Mazar-e-Sharif on Thursday itself. Earlier on 21 April 2022, a mosque in Mazar-e-Sharif itself was targeted. The Islamic State (ISIS) has claimed responsibility for both the previous blasts.


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