Afghanistan Crisis: After American troops leave Afghanistan, Kabul airport to be under whose administration? Turkey intervenes

Publish Date: 26 Aug, 2021 |

Afghanistan Crisis:

Soon after the Taliban capture in Afghanistan, the people of the country are trying to escape from the country as soon as possible. Huge masses of people have gathered at the Kabul airport with the hope of being evacuated from the country.

Many people have been stranded and even haven’t been allowed to enter the airport. As stated by the media reports, around 50,000 people are gathered outside the Kabul Airport, Afghanistan. 

Currently, the Kabul Airport is under the control of the American troops and the soldiers are constantly evacuating thousands of American citizens and citizens from other countries. While the American troops have announced that they will leave Afghanistan on 31st August 2021, and until then are evacuating their citizens.

Under whose control will Kabul Airport operate after the American troops leave Afghanistan?

After the American troops will leave Afghanistan until 31st August, the control of Kabul Airport is likely to be handed over to the Taliban as America hinted the same, however, nothing on this can be officially stated. And hence, America is trying to evacuate all the people who want to leave Afghanistan until the 31st.

Meanwhile, where the Taliban is likely to take control over the Kabul airport, Turkey has intervened stating that they have been helping the Afghans since 2002, and if the American and NATO countries forces are leaving Afghanistan, we will still help the Afghans and will continue the rescue operation.

While Turkey has stated that after the American troops leave Afghanistan,  they will take the control of the Kabul Airport, so as to help people leave the country.


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