Afghanistan Crisis: After the Taliban power in Afghan, know how will India deal with the loss

Publish Date: 18 Aug, 2021 |

Afghanistan Crisis:

20 years ago from today, the Taliban used to rule in Afghanistan, however, with the onset of American soldiers in Afghanistan in the year 2001, the Taliban dominance in Afghanistan decreased. However, as soon as the American Soldiers stepped back, the terror of the Taliban increased in Afghanistan all over again.

While the current situation of Afghanistan is known to everyone where people are trying to get out of the country to save their lives, as the government and law and order in Afghanistan have collapsed. 

Pressure over India from Taliban:

The Taliban attack on Afghanistan has raised the pressure and stress over other countries including India too. Afghanistan as a country is quite important to India as there are 1700 Indians residing in Afghanistan. Other than this, Taliban violence in Afghanistan can become a matter of tension for India, considering Kashmir too. While the cordial relations of Pakistan with the Taliban is another point of stress for India.

Other than this, India has invested around 3 Arab American dollars in Afghanistan for renovation work of Parliament, Dams, and even roads. And China and Pakistan will try to stop the Chabahar expansion.


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