Afghanistan crisis: Ahmad Massoud and Amrullah Saleh standing stong against Taliban in Panjshir, Afghanistan

Publish Date: 26 Aug, 2021 |

Afghanistan crisis:

In recent days, the Taliban has already captured the whole of Afghanistan, however, it hasn’t made it to Panjshir yet. Well, the Taliban has never been able to capture Panjshir ever. So, let’s know more about what is the history of Panjshir.

History of Panjshir:

Considering the history of Panjshir, Shah Ahmad Massoud in the 80s stood against the Soviet troops and Taliban, and now his son Ahmad Massoud is standing strong against the Taliban. And now, along with Ahmad Massoud, Amrullah Saleh, the vice president from the Ashraf Ghani government have joined hands against the Taliban.

Amrullah Saleh who has been the vice president of Afghanistan since February 2020, has declared himself as the acting president of Afghanistan, while the former president of Afghanistan, Abdul Ghani has fled from the country to UAE.

Panjshir’s future plans:

Ahmad Massoud and Amrullah Saleh are now in Panjshir and are planning against the Taliban. Panjshir is 125 km away from the Taliban and is a valley that is usually snowcovered. In 1980, Panjshir stood against the Soviet troops and Taliban, while America helped the Taliban by supplying it with the needed weapons, and now Ahmad Massoud has declared that following his father’s footsteps, Massoud has asked for international help against the Taliban.

Indians being evacuated from Afghanistan:

Since many countries are trying to evacuate their citizens from Afghanistan, India has also brought back its citizens from Afghanistan. While Afghan MP Narendra Singh Khalsa also landed in India.


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