Afghanistan Crisis: Ashraf Ghani stated reason for fleeing from Afghanistan, Dry Fruits turn expensive as Taliban stops trade with India

Publish Date: 19 Aug, 2021 |

Afghanistan Crisis: 

The whole world is blaming President Ashraf Ghani for the current situation in Afghanistan and Kabul after the Tabilan took over Afghanistan. While President Ashraf Ghani, who fled soon after the Taliban rule in Afghanistan returned, has made a media appearance for the first time, since.

Ashraf Ghani while addressing the people of Afghanistan through a video-conferencing said that if he would have stayed in Afghanistan after the Taliban rule, there would have been mass killing everywhere. The ones who are calling me a traitor don’t know me.

While Ashraf Ghani has dismissed all the allegations against him stating that he fled from Kabul with lots of currency.

Terror against women in Afghanistan:

The situation of women in Afghanistan is deteriorating constantly as there are hardly any women seen on the roads due to the terror of the Taliban.

Many women have started deleting their social media accounts, have left their jobs, and try not to get out of their homes.

Taliban stops trade with India:

The recent reports state that after the Taliban power in Afghanistan, there have been no trade activities between India and Afghanistan, which clearly states that the Taliban has stopped trade activities such as Import and Export with India.

Due to no trade between India and Afghanistan, the prices of many commodities which were imported such as Dry Fruits, and Onions are likely to surge.



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