Afghanistan crisis explained: Know what is the motive of Taliban in Afghanistan

Publish Date: 21 Aug, 2021 |

Taliban Afghanistan crisis explained:

The plight of Afghanistan nowadays has been known to everyone, as these visuals of people trying to leave Afghanistan and Kabul while hanging to the wheels of aircraft, after the Taliban captured Afghanistan have already surfaced over the internet. 

So, in this article further, let’s know more about the Afghanistan crisis, Taliban terror in Afghanistan, and what is the motive behind it.

Afghanistan Current Situation:

The current situation of Afghanistan is worrisome, as President Ashraf Ghani led government in Afghanistan has collapsed and the Taliban has taken over Afghanistan completely, while President Ashraf Ghani flees from the country.

What is the Taliban?

Taliban in the Pashto language means ‘student.’ Taliban is a group of Islamic religious extremists whose emergence in Afghanistan dates back to the year 1990, soon after the Soviet soldiers returned from Afghanistan.

Taliban history in Afghanistan:

The presence of the Taliban in Afghanistan is quite long. The Taliban was established primarily with an aim to occupy the Afghanistan government and impose the Islamic ‘Sharia’ rule in Afghanistan. While the Taliban succeeded in capturing Kabul in 1996 and established their Sharia rule. 

Taliban restrictions in Afghanistan:

The Taliban Sharia rule imposed various restrictions on the people of Afghanistan such as restricting girls from working and getting educated. Dissection of people on theft, while watching cinema and listening to music was completely banned.

Taliban terror in Afghanistan:

After 20 years of the rise of Taliban in Afghanistan have caused the same situation as it was from 1996 to 2001. The Taliban again wants to impose the Sharia law in Afghanistan after capturing the whole country.

What happened in Afghanistan from 2001 to 2021:

The attack on World Trade Centre in America was planned and backed by terrorist organization al-Qaeda’s leader Osama Bin Laden. And after the 9/11 attack the then President of America, George Bush lead the government dismissed the Taliban from the Afghanistan government. And since then, a peaceful co-existence was maintained in Afghanistan.

While in April 2021, the current President Joe Biden made an announcement that the American troops will leave Afghanistan on 11th September 2021. And since the American troops are leaving Afghanistan, the Taliban has captured Afghanistan all over again with a motive of implementing the Sharia rule. 


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