Afghanistan Crisis: Panjshir denies Taliban capture as Ahmad Massoud clarifies via audio message, US citizens stranded

Publish Date: 07 Sep, 2021 |

Afghanistan Crisis:

Soon after the Taliban capture over Afghanistan, the whole country was under the control of the organization, except just one province of Panjshir. After the US troops were directed to leave Afghanistan by 31st August 2021, the Taliban has been trying to capture Panjshir, and establish its government all over the country.

However, the Taliban have also claimed to have captured Panjshir province amid delays in the formation of a new government in Afghanistan, as it also said that the whole of Afghanistan has come under control. Declaring the end of the war in the country, the organization promised that the formation of a new government in the country would be announced soon.

Pak, Russia, China invited for swearing-in of Talibani government: 

There are reports of invitations being sent to countries like Pakistan, China, Russia, Iran, Qatar, and Turkey for the swearing-in ceremony of the new government. 

National Resistance Force denied the news of Panjshir capture by the Taliban:

The National Resistance Front of Afghanistan (NRFA), which fought the Taliban in Panjshir, denied the claim. The coalition forces, led by Panjshir leader Ahmad Masood, said the Taliban had made a false claim. NRFA forces still have control of all the important fronts of the province. Masood has called on the people to rise up against the Taliban. This statement has been issued according to Tolo News. Ahmed Masood also targeted Pakistan in an audio message.

Masood has said that every country is aware of Pakistan's involvement, but still every country is silent. Masood has said that the fighters of the Resistance Front are invincible. He confirmed the bombing of Panjshir by Pakistan and the Taliban. Meanwhile, Panjshir fighters and Northern Alliance forces have declared insurgency across Afghanistan under the leadership of Ahmad Masood.


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