Afghanistan Crisis: What did Taliban get after US Troops leave Afghanistan, Kabul airport under whose control?, Panjshir update

Publish Date: 01 Sep, 2021 |

Afghanistan Crisis: 

Since America has left Afghanistan after the Taliban gave it a deadline to leave the country by 31st August 2021. After the American troops and citizens were completely evacuated from Afghanistan, the Taliban in Afghanistan celebrated the event by cracking fireworks.

However, while leaving Afghanistan, America has left various weapons, fighting equipment,  and latest ammunitions which are now under the direct control of the Taliban. 

The list of weapons left by America in Afghanistan is:

  • Javelin portable anti-tank missile

  • Black Hawk helicopter

  • Hercules plane

  • Gun and firearm

  • 70 aircrafts (broken)

  • Mine-resistant Ambruce Protection (MRAP) vehicle, which can bear IED attacks and attacks from enemies. The vehicle is worth $10 lakhs.

  • 27 high mobility multipurpose wheeled vehicles.

The Afghan residents in India after the US troops leave Afghanistan protested outside UNHRC against the current situation in Afghanistan.

It must be noted that there was no control of anyone over the Kabul airport, hence a Taliban special force has taken up the control. And former president Donald Trump questioned Joe Biden on such return of US troops from Afghanistan

Panjshir vs Taliban:

Even after such a ruckus in Afghanistan, the Taliban hasn’t been able to capture Panjshir yet. While recently 8 Talibani terrorists in Panjshir have been killed. The Anti-Taliban group in Panjshir is being administered by Amhad Massoud and Amrullah Saleh.


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