After 2006, this year's hottest February, spring disappeared | Understand the full scope of the weather

Publish Date: 22 Feb, 2023 |

There is still one week left in February, but given how quickly the temperature is increasing, it feels as though March has already begun. The beginning of the summer generally coincides with Holi, however due to the recent climatic changes, the month of spring is vanishing. Now that winter is over, summer is rapidly approaching. As a result, there is now a greater chance that people will become ill.

Weather increase in these states

As February has gone on, the temperature has been steadily rising throughout Gujarat, Rajasthan, the Konkan, Goa, and Karnataka. There have been many locations in these states where temperatures between 35 and 39 degrees Celsius have been recorded, and it is predicted that there won't be much of a decrease. Also, there are signs that there won't be any rain for a few days, so it's unlikely that the temperature will drop. Also, it is not even early summer, and it will be really hot this time of year.


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