After Coronavirus Dengue creates havoc in India, has claimed the lives of many yet

Publish Date: 03 Sep, 2021 |

Dengue Viral Fever in India:

The havoc of Dengue viral fever in India is increasing with its hotspot in Uttar Pradesh, which has claimed the lives of many in Firozabad. The viral fever disease is said to be a variant of Dengue which causes depletion of platelets in the body, fever, and even bleeding. 

While people in Uttar Pradesh and mainly Firozabad are being educated to keep their surroundings clean so as to keep the dengue and viral fever diseases at bay, as the death toll in the Firozabad district of Uttar Pradesh due to Dengue has now reached 61.

While not only Firozabad, the Dengue viral fever disease has started infecting people in Meerut and Mathura too. As per the reports, 8 people infected by Dengue have been admitted to hospitals in Meerut. 

Whereas, the Dengue viral fever disease in Mathura has claimed the lives of around 11 people. People in Matura are protesting against the administration for not availing proper facilities to curb the disease, even after it has claimed the lives of 11.

Dengue Viral fever havoc in other states of India:

While not only in Uttar Pradesh, the Dengue, Malaria, and viral fever diseases have now reached other states of India including Maharashtra, and Gujarat. The MMC in Mumbai as a measure to control contamination of Malaria and Dengue employed drones that will sprinkle the medicine and antibacterial fluids.

Civil Hospitals in Ahmedabad reported 109 cases of Dengue in the month of August 2021.


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