After falling down a borewell in Vidisha that was 60 feet deep, 8-year-old Lokesh died; the rescue effort lasted for 24 hours

Publish Date: 15 Mar, 2023 |

In Vidisha, a victim fell into a borewell and drowned. The search and rescue effort took 24 hours. But following an examination, the physicians declared the infant dead when the medical team brought him to the hospital. Umashankar Bhargava, the collector for Vidisha, has verified this.

What is the case?

Lokesh, a 7-year-old boy, was found within a borewell in the Madhya Pradesh village of Kherkhedi. The innocent was dragged out of the borewell following a 24-hour rescue effort, but he lost the fight for life. On Tuesday, Lokesh was playing when he accidentally fell into the open borewell. Lokesh was stranded at roughly 43 feet into the borewell's 60-foot depth. Together with the NDRF and SDRF, the local government team was called in to save Lokesh.

Lokesh was extracted from the borewell and sent to the hospital for treatment, where he battled for 24 hours before succumbing to his injuries. The innocent was pronounced dead by the doctor. The collector has attested to Lokesh's demise. The Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh has announced a 4 lakh rupee compensation for the family of the deceased following this unfortunate tragedy.


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