Agnipath Protest: What did BJP leader Ramsurat Rai say amid the ruckus over the Agnipath scheme? BJP | Protest

Publish Date: 22 Jun, 2022 |

In the midst of the ruckus over the Agneepath scheme, the statement of Minister Ram Surat Rai in the Bihar government is in the headlines. He has alleged that terrorists and political goons are behind the violence. He said terrorists and goons were "hired" by political parties to stage violent protests against the plan.

Ram Surat Rai on the scheme

During a program in Muzaffarpur, he said that the Agneepath scheme is a golden opportunity for all the youth. It needs to be redeemed. The youth did not deviate from his path. You understand this and test it. It has been amended and will continue to do so. He said that agitation and violence is not in the interest of the country. Opponents have neither brains nor glasses. Opponents are taunting PM Modi. I strongly condemn this. He also targeted the Congress fiercely. Said that Congressmen have no idea what they are saying. They do petty politics.

The minister said that now the hand of terrorists and goons has come behind this movement. When it started At that time there were only army candidates in it. But, now the candidates have withdrawn from it. Because they have understood the plan. Now terrorists and goons have joined it. They hired those kids now. Now political goons are engaged in it. Those people are baking their political bread. They are not concerned with the future of the country or the students.

Agneepath mission will not fail

The minister said that Agneepath is a mission.This mission will never fail.He appealed to the students not to get caught in petty politics and make their career work.Some political parties are engaged in failing this mission.But his wish will never be fulfilled.

Talking to the media, Minister Ramsurat Rai said that now terrorists and political goons are behind this movement.The youth who wanted to join the army have understood this plan.So they have now retreated and now terrorists and goons have joined it.By using the spirit of youth as weapons, they are cooking their politics bread.These people have nothing to do with the future of the country or the students.


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