Agra Building Collapse: 6 houses collapsed due to excavation of Dharamshala, 1 girl died, many injured

Publish Date: 26 Jan, 2023 |
A tragic incident occurred in Agra, Uttar Pradesh, early on Thursday. In the morning, a number of buildings collapsed due to ongoing excavation work at Dharamshala, which is located on Agra City Station Road. In one of the houses three people who were fast asleep got buried.  Two people were extricated from the rubble and transported to the hospital for treatment. One girl is still buried under the debris. In Dharamshala six dwellings reportedly fell on Thursday morning. All the officers hurried to the scene as soon as the administration got alerted of something like this, and the rescue effort got under way.

Yogi Adityanath, the chief minister, has taken notice of the situation and has ordered groups of District Magistrate and senior police officers to supervise the rescue activities and provide the necessary care for the injured. Residents in the area have already expressed their disapproval of the excavation work as per the reports. Despite this, it carried on. 


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