Ahmad Massoud vs Taliban: Ahmad Massoud warns Taliban over their plans of capturing Panjshir

Publish Date: 25 Aug, 2021 |

Ahmad Massoud vs Taliban: 

Even after capturing the whole of Afghanistan, the Taliban isn’t able to capture the Panjshir valley yet after trying hard. While the Taliban has again announced that it is planning to attack and capture the Panjshir valley of Afghanistan. 

Ahmad Massoud on Panjshir: 

After this announcement, the son of national hero Ahmad Shah Massoud, Ahmad Massoud also stated that he won’t ever hand over Panjshir state to anyone, and even if the Taliban increases its soldiers near northern Afghanistan’s hill valley, they won’t let anyone take over Afghanistan.

Ahmad Massoud while talking to an agency stated that they are focusing on solving matters by mutual discussions, but if this doesn’t work, they are ready for a war.

It must be noted that the Panjshir troops are proficient in war art, and hence, have become a challenge for the Taliban to capture. While there has been news from recent days which state that the Panjshir troops have defeated 300 Taliban troops.


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