Ahmad Massoud vs Taliban: Clashes between Northern Alliance and Panjshir continues, over 30 terrorists killed

Publish Date: 03 Sep, 2021 |

Ahmad Massoud vs Taliban:

The Taliban may rule over Afghanistan, but capturing Panjshir is still a dream for the terrorist organization. Taliban at one end is trying to form relations with other countries, and also trying to form its government. However, capturing Panjshir seems difficult for the Taliban, as the Taliban fighters continue to try to capture the island, but fall flat. 

The fighting between Taliban and Northern Alliance fighters has been going on in Panjshir since 30th August. Attempts are being made by the Taliban to infiltrate different areas of Panjshir, but the Northern Alliance is doing its best to protect the valley.

As stated by the Northern Alliance, every entry of Panjshir is closely monitored, foiling an infiltration attempt by the Taliban in Shotul. Northern Alliance rebel leader Ahmed Masood and former President Amrullah Saleh have put all their hard work to save Panjshir from the Taliban.

Over 30 Talibani Terrorists killed:

More than 30 Taliban fighters are said to have been killed in the ongoing war between the Taliban and the Northern Alliance. The Northern Alliance says that the bodies of more than 30 Taliban fighters are lying where the firing took place.

Tension in Panjshir is going for a week now:

It must be noted that the Taliban fighters have carried out the biggest attack so far on the Panjshir Valley of Afghanistan. The atmosphere here has been tense for the past week. The Taliban are continuously releasing ammunition and rockets. At the same time, the Northern Alliance is also giving a befitting reply. The Taliban want to capture Panjshir somehow, but are failing miserably.


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