According to reports, IBM (International Business Machines Corp.) may soon begin using artificial intelligence (AI) to replace many occupations. Arvind Krishna, the CEO of IBM, reportedly stated that the company may stop employing in the future for positions that it thinks AI can take the place of.

The CEO of IBM reportedly stated that the HR department may either suspend new hiring or limit hiring from previous years, according to a Bloomberg story. "If I can see that 30% of the people will be easily replaced by AI and automation in five years," the CEO stated.

Who will be replaced?

The CEO of the business reportedly stated that there are roughly 26,000 employees in these non-customer-facing professions. He claimed that within five years, automation and artificial intelligence will account for 30% of my work. It is anticipated that 7,800 jobs would be lost in such a scenario. An IBM representative, however, asserted that no plans exist to replace any of the cutbacks with AI. According to the CEO, all staff transfers and employment verification letters would be automated. He claimed that AI would be used for some human resources functions, such as evaluating productivity and staff composition. 

IBM laid off 5000 employees this year

At the moment, IBM has over 260,000 people, and it is always looking to fill customer service and software development positions. According to Krishna, finding talent is now simpler than it was a year ago. Earlier this year, the corporation announced job cuts that, when finished, may affect as many as 5,000 people. However, according to Krishna, IBM has increased its workforce by a total of about 7,000 people.