How much right is it to breach the privacy of celebrities? Watch how cameraman leaked Alia Bhatt’s private photos

Publish Date: 23 Feb, 2023 |


A woman feels safe the most in her own home. But what if someone in the house is secretly watching you? Yes, something similar happened with Bollywood actress Alia Bhatt recently. 

Alia Bhatt private moment leaked 

Alia Bhatt was sitting in her living room. At the same time, two unknown persons started shooting her from the neighboring building. Alia felt maybe someone was shooting her and she caught both of them recording her. 

Alia's post about the incident

Recently Alia posted about the incident and said, “Are you kidding me? I was at my house having a perfectly normal afternoon sitting in my living room when I felt something watching me... I looked up and saw two men on the terrace of my neighbouring building with a camera right at me! In what world is this okay and allowed? This is a gross invasion of someone's privacy! There's a line you just cannot cross and it's safe to say all lines were crossed today!”


Alia to file complain

News agency ANI tweeted, “Mumbai Police has contacted actor Alia Bhatt & asked her to file a complaint in the matter where a photographer clicked her private pictures & these pictures were published on an online portal. The actor has told police that her PR team is in touch with the concerned portal: Police.”

This type of act is becoming common in our society and because of these acts, celebs are not able to feel safe even in their homes.


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