Aligarh: Demand for boycott of Muslim woman worshiping Ganpati from Islam and fatwa continues

Publish Date: 07 Sep, 2022 |

A fatwa has been issued against a Muslim family in Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh. Here a Muslim woman named Ruby Asif Khan installed an idol of Ganesh ji in the house, after which she came under the target of Maulana. The Muslim woman said that she celebrates every festival of Hindus and will continue to celebrate it even further.

Ruby demands security

Ruby Asif Khan said, 'I have installed an idol of Lord Ganesha in my house for 7 days and I do not believe in any caste or religion discrimination. I celebrate festivals of all religions. This is the faith of my heart. I like to do all this.' She said that fatwas have already been issued against me regarding worship.

Ruby told during the conversation that I had demanded security from the district administration but till now I have not been provided security. A police constable comes to my house every day for two-three hours. For today, the police station has sent two officers to protect my family. Not only this, Ruby even said that she will continue to worship and establish the idol of Lord Ganesha. She is not afraid of fatwas.

Ruby retaliated against Maulana

Ruby Asif Khan on Saturday retaliated on the statement of Maulana. "True Muslims don't talk like this. Those Maulana and Maulvi who are issuing fatwa are not themselves Muslims. His thinking is to divide the country. They have not been able to change their thinking even by staying in India. She said, “I do not believe in discrimination of caste and religion. I am continuously praying for the integrity of the country and the unity of Hindu-Muslim. I will go to immerse the idol on Thursday. I have unity of mind. I respect every religion and celebrate all festivals.


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