Amid Omicron scare, IHU variant creates panic in France | Coronavirus India Update- Watch Video

Publish Date: 05 Jan, 2022 |

New Delhi: The Omicron variant of the covid19 continues to infect people in large numbers across the globe. On Tuesday, news about the emergence of another highly-mutated variant spread swiftly. It raises the threat of yet another wave of infections. This variant, B.1.640, has been found mostly in France although it has also been detected in several other countries as well. The variant was reported to have a total of 46 mutations.
Not a new variant

Is IHU a new Variant?

As per the reports, the B.1.640 variant is not new. It has been detected around for at least three months ago. The sudden discussion around it was triggered by the circulation of a week-old study by researchers from Méditerranée Infection in Marseille, part of France’s Instituts hospitals-Universitaires (IHU, or University Hospital Institutes).

As of now, 12 cases of the new variant IHU has been reported near Marseilles. This variant has been linked to travel to the African country, Cameroon.


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