Amritpal, a supporter of Khalistan, is connected to Pakistan's ISI intelligence service

Publish Date: 19 Mar, 2023 |

Khalistan supporter and Waris Punjab De chief Amritpal Singh is still out of reach of the police, claiming that he will be arrested soon. Police is on alert all over Punjab. Police force is deployed everywhere to arrest Amritpal. But Amritpal is constantly changing his location in the eyes of the police.

Police claims Amritpal is connected to ISI

Amritpal allegedly has connections to the Pakistani intelligence service ISI, according to the Punjab Police. Swapan Sharma, a DIG in Amritsar, claimed to have connections between ISIS and Pakistan. We were told to capture him (Amritpal Singh). He entered the connection road one lane ahead of us while we were being pursued. He struck five to six motorbike riders as he passed us, some of whom were attempting to stop us from pursuing him. In Mehatpur, two automobiles have been discovered. Seven illegal weapons have also been found, by the way.


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