Andhra Pradesh: Three people are killed in a fire at a Chittoor paper plate manufacturing facility

Publish Date: 21 Sep, 2022 |
A massive fire started in the Andhra Pradesh city of Chittoor. Three people were burned to death as a result of the incident. After getting word about the incident, firefighters went to the location and started putting out the fire. The fire has been extinguished for the time being. The cause of the factory fire is still unknown. The police are currently investigating the situation.

According to a report The fire spread across the factory as a result of a short circuit in the manufacturing unit. Three persons got stuck inside the factory and were choking to death. The three deceased individuals were known by the names Bhaskar, Dhilli Babu, and Balaji.

Three people are killed in a fire at Chittoor

It was allegedly already too late when the fire crews arrived, according to the residents of the nearby homes. The fire engines returned to the scene to refill the tanks and completely put out the fire, according to the neighbours, who also asserted that there wasn't enough water in the tanks when they arrived.


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