Angry by the ED raid, Lalu Yadav confronted the BJP and claimed that Tejashwi's expectant wife had been harassed

Publish Date: 11 Mar, 2023 |

Lalu Prasad Yadav, the leader of the RJD, has spoken out in response to the Enforcement Directorate's actions against his son, daughter, Samdhi, and other family members in the Land for Jobs Scam case. Lalu has established a front against the BJP and RSS. The RJD leader spoke to the ED on behalf of the BJP. Lalu Yadav, his family, and close acquaintances were searched at 24 sites nationwide on Friday by several ED teams as part of the land for job case.

Lalu Yadav targets BJP

After receiving a kidney transplant in Singapore, Lalu Yadav remained at daughter Misa Bharti's house in Delhi. He claimed that I have been fighting the Sangh and the BJP ideologically and would continue to do so. No one in my family or party will submit to your politics, and I have never bowed before them.

The RJD President Lalu Prasad's daughter, Dr. Rohini Acharya, has also called the actions of federal officials against her family members disgraceful. On Saturday, he claimed in a tweet that the treatment of young children and expectant women was a symbol of the demise of democracy. He also compared the central government to Kansa in a number of tweets on Friday. Kansa also insulted the expectant mother, so what occurred, Rohini wrote? Kansa needs to be remembered.

ED claims they have evidence

The ED has asserted that it has discovered convincing proof of money laundering in the "land for employment" scheme. When Lalu served as the railway minister from 2004 to 2009, a top official claimed that a large number of employees were hired into Group D positions. In exchange, AK Infosystems Company and Lalu's family members received a throwaway price when their lands were transferred in their names. The two directors of this corporation in the past were Ragini and Chanda, Lalu's daughters. Hema Yadav received two separate plots connected to the con.


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