Ankita Murder Case: What happened to the female employee who worked in the resort? listen to him

Publish Date: 27 Sep, 2022 |

There is a ruckus in Uttarakhand over the Ankita Bhandari Murder Case. One of the accused in the Ankita Murder Case is Pulkit Arya, who is the son of BJP leader Vinod Arya. Now many revelations are being made in this case one after the other. In this case, a former female employee who worked in the resort now came in front of the media and shared her past experience.

Another employee makes big disclosure

A former female employee, who worked in the resort, has made a big disclosure regarding the murder of 19-year-old Ankita Bhandari in Uttarakhand. She says that the owners of the resort Pulkit Arya and Ankit Gupta used to misbehave with the girls. The former employee said, “I had joined Vanantara Resort in May, but quit in July. Pulkit Arya and Ankit Gupta used to bring girls to the resort, VIPs also used to come there. There used to be a lot of disgusting things.

This former female employee of Dehradun said that I was the receptionist in the front office there. Pulkit Arya, son of former minister Vinod Arya, used to do dirty things with girls. He used to abuse them also. Suspicious boys and girls used to come to the resort. Pulkit used to refuse his entry in the register. Many times he used to drink ganja with these boys and girls.

Forensic investigation

On the other hand, the team of forensic and SIT of Uttarakhand Police has now reached the place from where they will know the truth of Ankita Bhandari and her disappearance. Hearing about what happened to 19-year-old Ankita, anyone would be blown away. The truth I got from the family is that Ankita Bhandari started work as a receptionist at Vanantara Resort in Pauri Garhwal district about a month ago. 

It is alleged that the owner of the resort i.e. Pulkit Arya along with some of his employees took his life. The question arises why? If sources are to be believed, behind the murder there is such a hideous conspiracy to push a girl into the quagmire of exorcism, for which she was killed when she resisted.


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