Anti-Ageing Face Yoga with Gua Sha I Power of Face Yoga Season 2

Publish Date: 26 Aug, 2022 |
Gua sha's advantages for the face were unintentionally discovered when marketing firms referred to it as an "old Chinese beauty product." This method was initially used to cure colds and heat exhaustion. Try these 4 quick and easy face yoga poses to seem younger and more flawless after watching this video. Gua sha stimulates the skin's surface to boost blood flow, improve the appearance of recently created fine lines and wrinkles, encourage lymphatic drainage to lessen puffiness, and relieve muscle tension similarly to massage.

Anti-Ageing Face Yoga with Gua Sha

Warm up rubbing massage- To regulate the flow of blood as well as activates our muscles. Rub your palms until heat is generated and for 10 second place it on your face and give it a light massage. 

Lifting massage- Use a gua sha to perform the lifting massage; use an upper-stroke technique and cover the entire face, including the forehead and lower bottom. This workout will strengthen your facial muscles, tone your muscles, and remove toxins from your body.

Face strengthening massage-  It is the best massage for stimulating your nervous system. Hold a Gua Sha and without exerting any pressure just simply massage it over your face in an upper stroke manner.
Face of 8- This process helps in reducing the aging process, you just have to make a 8 on your face as shown in the video.


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