Approved Home Remedies for Acidity- Watch Video

Publish Date: 07 Jul, 2021 |

Today's diet has become such that we often see people around us troubled by gastric problems. Due to acidity, there is severe pain in the stomach, chest or sometimes even in the head, but we can get rid of it by adopting some home remedies. We will talk about those remedies in this video, which are OMH approved. 

lemon and ginger juice

Take a spoonful of lemon and ginger juice and add a little black salt to it. Digestive power remains correct by its consumption and the problem of gas will also get rid of.


carom seeds

Ajwain is also effective in removing acidity. Make a powder of carom seeds and eat it with hot water. It gives relief from gas and indigestion.


fennel Seeds

Fennel seeds are considered very beneficial in removing gastric problems. Chewing fennel after eating also strengthens the digestive power and along with it, fennel has properties to fight indigestion which keeps the gas away from the stomach.


Cumin, Black Salt and Mint

Eating a pinch of roasted cumin, black salt and mint mixed with buttermilk will end your gas problems.



Clove has a carminative effect which is considered very effective in reducing acidity and getting rid of gas. Chewing cloves removes the problems of bloating, gastric pain, flatulence, constipation etc.


Curd contains natural antacids. The good bacteria present in curd help in increasing digestion. Those who have a gas problem, they should include curd in their food.


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