Artificial Intelligence took away the jobs of 7800 people?| Jagran Business-Watch Video

Saumya JaiswarPublish Date: 07 May, 2023

As the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is increasing rapidly, the demand of employees in companies is also decreasing rapidly. Many experts have already expressed apprehension that the more the use of open AI like ChatGPT increases, the fewer the opportunities for jobs. Till now only apprehensions were expressed about it, but now the real trends have also started coming. IT sector giant International Business Machines Corp (IBM) has clearly said that now it is stopping hiring and 7,800 jobs will be replaced through AI.

This IBM information is not only bad news for the company's current employees and job seekers, but it also raises serious concerns about the state of employment in the whole technical sector. Many other IT businesses, besides IBM, have stated that they would prefer to deploy AI over employees. According to its plans, it would be preferable to use AI as assistance rather than make fresh hires.

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