The launch of the website for Aryan Khan’s opulent apparel company D’YAVOL X on Sunday stunned online users with its extraordinary prices. Shah Rukh Khan and Aryan have been hyping up the brand and its imminent debut for the past several weeks, sparking a lot of anticipation among fans. Also recently released was an advertisement featuring the superstar. In it, the father and son wear matching D’YAVOL X clothing and almost seem identical.

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Aryan Khan’s Streetwear Brand faces backlash

With sweatshirts and hoodies costing around Rs 44,000 and Rs 36,000, respectively, and a Signature X jacket costing Rs 2 lakh, D’YAVOL X’s product pricing has raised eyebrows in many circles.

Even many people had trouble accessing the website as soon as it went live. The brand noted on Twitter, “We’re experiencing very high volumes of traffic and checkouts. Please bear with us.” Later, they declared that users could once more access the site and that it was live again.

SRK fans show Disappointment

Fans of Shah Rukh Khan who wanted to support Aryan and purchase this sort of merchandise are quite disappointed, and in the midst of the criticism that the luxury streetwear business has been receiving, Twitter is filled with memes. Fans have reacted to Instagram comments requesting time to take out loans with wry humor, stating that they intend to pawn off their nonexistent things.

One Instagram user wrote, “Khan saab even if I sell my one kidney won’t be enough I have to sell both of my kidneys." Another commented, “Just checked the prices, it’s crazy. A middle class guy can never afford it. Been waiting since the teaser and refreshing the page for the past 1 hour. Bad luck I guess.”

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Aryan recently discussed his interaction with his father on set. In an interview, he said, “Working with my father is never challenging, because, with his experience and dedication, he makes everyone’s job easier on set. He also makes the entire crew feel at ease and has tremendous respect for everyone. When he’s on set I always make sure to pay extra attention, so I don’t miss out on anything I can learn.”